Wednesday, April 15, 2009

That class?

The one I mentioned earlier today, with the great instructor who was so supportive and encouraging and not at all aerobics-scary? Yeah, that did not go well.

That instructor was out of town today, so another filled in. She taught a great class - that is, a great intermediate, aerobic-ish, POWER class. And I discovered that I am a weak, flabby mass of goo and not even as flexible as I thought I was. I stuck with it for the hour, and my muscles feel good and worked, but I'm hoping it's a little less intense next week. There wasn't even any ab stuff! Just lots of repeated, difficult thigh exercises that I couldn't stick with, baby baby.

Oh, and can I mention a pet peeve? Classes and meetings that run over their allotted time for no reason. I had to rudely walk out in the midst of yet another series of tough poses, several minutes after the scheduled end time because I had, you know, scheduled things for after the class. Rrgh.

But enough complaining! I had a nice time working on lace with my friend/student, then got my hair cut and stopped in to see Beth for a bit. I finally used my stand mixer to make whole wheat bread which is a lot easier to knead by machine! The loaves didn't bloom like I'd like, but it's a start. Now I'm knitting away and kind of envying Josh's Master's they make a Master's in knitting?


Anonymous said...

Well, the Knitting Guild of America does have a certification course to become a Master Knitter!


EmilySullins said...

You are a wealth of information, Ms. Fussbudget! That program looks really cool - maybe once I've been at it a bit longer. Are you a member?

Bethanyivy said...

Those classes are designed to make you look weak and feel bad about yourself so you keep paying and coming back. Those are paid professionals there to make you look bad. Once you've been for a few months, they'll bring in to amatures to make you feel good about yourself to get you to advance to the next class. That's my teory at least.

cricketspaw said...

Yay! masters in knitting! :)

Anonymous said...

I am not a Master Knitter. Or a Knitting Master. I did sign up for it once long ago in my early days of knitting. It's pretty rigorous, which may turn into silly and anal-retentive, I'm not sure. I eventually decided I was advancing just fine on my own.