Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I've got kind of an indulgent day today - a morning yoga/pilates class, teaching a knitting lesson to a student who has become a good friend, a haircut, and then I'm planning to spend the evening baking bread and knitting.

I'm a little nervous about the class, actually. I've never taken pilates, which is all about making your core stronger (read: burning your abs). But the instructor stood in for my regular teacher last week, and I was the only student who showed up, and she taught a great lesson. I've never been fit, but I gained about ten pounds when I was traveling on business all the time, and I've lost that weight and am working on getting into better shape.

The fact that the teacher kept telling me how fit I am definitely influenced my decision to take her class again, ha ha ha. Yes, I am that simple a creature. I hope this goes well.

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Bethanyivy said...

Have a wonderful day of pampering : )