Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Not even close!

The breadth of their guesses is a testament to my friends' creativity - and I think it is a testament to my lack of gardening skills that it didn't occur to anyone as a possibility! Here are my wee bebes one week ago:
Wee seeds are hiding in that earth, waiting to turn into FOOD for me to EAT! Right there from the dirt!

A couple weeks ago Nadine and I took a short gardening class on the base, taught by a woman of many talents. If you have a baby or know someone who does, click on this link and buy some of her homemade kimono bibs - you won't regret it. Tara gave us a handout and walked us through planting herb seeds, repotting, watering and sun practices, and where to plant what. Nadine brought some basil seedlings she'd bought, so we got to repot those with Tara and learn the ropes - and Nadine sent me home with two of my own.

And it's a good thing! Do you know how LONG a week feels when you're obsessively checking little pots of dirt for signs of life? Egad! Luckily, my seeds are special, and with my TLC they now look like this:Haha, just kidding! But that tomato plant was only 100 yen, and it is HARD to wait for seeds to grow! So Big Betty there is planted in the blue pot and, along with the basil seedlings, is going to have to tide me over until harvest time. (What's up, caprese salad?)

I do have some signs of life from the seeds though! If you look in the lower right quadrant of this basil pot - yes, I want six basil plants - you can see a wee green nub...
and the spinach is teacher's pet at the moment, showing off and sprouting up like a champ.
FOOD FROM THE GROUND. It's like a miracle.

As for the prize, I guess it will have to wait until the next poll is released...maybe it'll be a basket of vegetables and herbs!

That is, of course, if I can resist pulling them all up right now to see if spinach sprouts taste like spinach. Only time will tell.


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Way to go mrs. Green Thumb. Don't let me near them or they will wither up and die just from my presence. That seems to happen to all potted plants I get.