Thursday, April 30, 2009


As you may have guessed, this post is all about me.


Okay, just kidding. It may be a tiny bit about that baby, the baby who, as you can see, is toddling now. Can you believe it's been seven months since this was taken?

Joy, of course, refers to a happy almost-one-year-old wearing a new dress, lovingly knitted by her Aren'ty Em. (I'm like an Aunt, but I Aren't.) And did you notice the band around the bottom of the dress?! The band that is knitted with TWO COLORS?

Yes, I have learned stranded knitting, and I am rather pleased. Who wants a lesson?


clembo said...

OMG! Beautiful dress! Beautiful baby!

Bethanyivy said...

That is so cute! I want to learn. Me, me me... : )

I took the picture of the awesome pirate braclet, but I have yet to put it on my computer. I'll do that this weekend

Nadine said...

We love the dress, thank you so much!! I showed my mom, she loved it too. I'll spread the word to come see this! :)