Sunday, August 30, 2009

Two weeks

That's it. We have two weeks left in Japan, and that's all forever. I can't believe it! I mean, things are moving forward nicely, and we feel as prepared as can be expected to make this move happen. Today I've cleaned out the pantry and put together a big box of slightly used dry goods to give away to my friends, cleaned the microwave, and taken all the magnets off the refrigerator. Josh cleaned out the car and I'm on my way to show it to a potential buyer - having that sold will be a big relief. And on Monday I'll cancel our internet service, so there may be a few days when we're incommunicado. I'm anxiously awaiting Nadine's return from Canada so we can spend some time together in that last week!

There's so much left to do, and so much that I know will remain undone when we get onto that flight next month. It's surreal.


Kelsey said...

If I ignore that this is happening, will it happen slower?

clembo said...

Turn off your internet?!? Eek! No blogs, no skype, no email? It's like the dark ages all over again. I can barely remember the days when we didn't have instant access!
Good luck with all the prep. We'll miss your updates!

Nadine said...

hum, I've been with Kelsey since I know about this..
See you later this week and good luck with the pack out.

Nadine said...

wait, I haven't been with Kelsey in life, just about this. My comment was not clear. :)

Bethanyivy said...

Nadine has good timing! Enjoy your last couple of weeks with your Japan friends