Thursday, August 13, 2009


Well, I was roughly woken by another earthquake this morning, but given that it's the third this week, it hardly seems worth mentioning.

Eight in the morning, shaken awake by THE PLANET. But no need to dwell on it.

The third earthquake this week.

ANYWAY. Life is crazy around here. I've made two new friends this week, naturally, since we're leaving within a month. On Tuesday, I drove out to Hayama and met Laura, who followed a couple months after her husband so their doggies could pass inspection. We had real Neapolitan pizza at "Napori Cantina," ha ha, and took a little tour of More's City mall. We have a LOT more shopping and touring to do before I head off, of course, if there are only enough hours in the day. My other new buddy is Tony, a new guy in the band. We had a Starbucks run and bonded over David Sedaris. Saying goodbye to Japan is not going to be easy!

That said, the process moves along. We've got a date for our stuff to be packed and shipped, and a tentative flight date too. There are checklists on the table and a calendar on my desktop with meetings, appointments, and inspections all laid out. We're looking at Craigslist and talking to mortgage brokers, and I'm shopping around for a job and a couple used cars.

OH, and have I mentioned how much I miss Nadine?! If you're reading this, madame, I MISS YOU and PLEASE HURRY HOME. This place is not the same without you.

Tomorrow it's yoga and the post office and the next steps in this crazy journey. Advice on making Navy moves easier would be welcome. Oh, and does anybody want to buy our car?

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Kerrie said...

Em, I think the earthquakes are just mirroring all the changes that are happening in your life right now. Hang in there miss.