Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Love is a box of candy and newspapers

Care package! CARE PACKAGE!

One given, one received, all in the same day. I love care packages - they are a recession favorite, an inexpensive (sometimes) way to show love and, dammit, care during tough times, or any time really.

The one I sent was to my other brother Daryl, not really Daryl, but Joe.Yes, I realize I'm in that picture - I tried to crop it but unless I wanted just Joe's FACE, there was going to be part of my head, and, well, all of my head looks better than 1/3 of it, and well, it's my damn website.

Joe lives in the Florida Keys, he being the fun-loving, easygoing one of the three of us. (Ben is the hardest worker, and I am the type-A one. Or I was. Until I stopped working. SHUT UP.) He is also a single male living with other single people, all on small incomes given the cost of partying living down there, so I decided to send him a "here's how you cook healthy, cheap food, little bro" birthday care package. And it arrived, and he liked it. Mission accomplished.

On the receiving end, I got a big box from Melanie today! She sent me falafel mix (which I asked for, since making it from scratch with no food processor SUCKS), organic chocolate truffles, peanut butter cups, and a chocolate bar, dried strawberry treats, tea, mints, and a whole bunch of newspapers and magazines commemorating Barack Obama's historic win. What a great box - Josh and I have already dipped in to the candy and we're having falafel for dinner tomorrow night. YUM!

So, dear readers, is there anybody in your world who could use a little thoughtful treat in the mail? Some candies and a used paperback maybe, or a candle and some homemade bath salts? A little effort and you might just make somebody's day.


Melanie said...

How cool, one sent and one received. Glad you are enjoying it. Love you. Can't wait to skype tomorrow. Going to the farmer's market now, skipping Jazzercise. I'll exercise walking among the veggies. Have fun today.

cSquared said...

I'm working on your care/xmas package as we speak! It will be late, sorry:(