Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas in Tokyo!

What a day! Josh and I headed up to The Big City today just for fun - there's a big brunch at a hotel for military folks every Sunday, and we used it as an excuse for an outing. I couldn't possibly capture the whole day in one post, so here's the first installment: the Christmas decorations.This tree stands outside JR Ebisu station, where we transferred on our way to Harajuku. Pretty, huh? That guy in the corner is going to sue me for image rights.I know I should get over it, but I still find myself perplexed by all the Western decorations everywhere. These wreaths lined the streets near Shibuya (BOO YA!), where we walked to brunch.
Yes, its arms moved and it played Christmas music. Over. The. Top.Creepy Santa of the year, don't you think? This reveals a bit of where we went for sightseeing: it's a fortune-telling machine at the Guinness World Records Museum in Tokyo Tower. I'm pretty sure it's there year round and they just made or bought a round Santa hat to go on top. Still - would you want that face coming down your chimney? Yikes.
And here we have creepy Santa #2, the younger of the Noppon Brothers. They're kind of Tokyo Tower's mascots, which (I suppose) accounts for their, um, suggestive shape.

I'm sure this doesn't even scratch the surface of Tokyo's Christmas decorations. We were only there during daylight, so we missed any fancy light displays. And we didn't really go downtown today, just to the tower, then Harajuku. Knowing the cultural affinity for cuteness and glitz, it must be amazing! OOH, and related: did I tell you that I learned that Japanese women refer to unmarried women as "Christmas Cake?" Because everybody wants Christmas Cake until 24, (Dec. 24), but after that it's a big bargain (with little chance of a good marriage)?! DISTURBING.

I need to go sleep off a carb overload from that brunch - let's see if I can remember everything I ate for a post tomorrow. I'll leave you with the Tourist Quote of the Day, which comes from Josh. He got cranky from walking and I asked what I could do to plan a trip he'd enjoy, since I thought walking was it. His response:

Did it ever occur to you that I enjoy being miserable?


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