Friday, December 12, 2008

Guest Post! How to throw a cupcake and champagne party, by Kendall Ladd

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present my first guest blogger: Kendall! Remember my friend Kendall? She and her awesome husband had a cupcakes and champagne party at their swank pad in Our Nation's Capitol, and she agreed to tell the tale. Without further ado, here you have it. Bon appetit!

Emily suggested I write a guest post on her blog about my annual Cupcake and Champagne Party. So, since it would be weird to tell you a lot of information about people you don’t know, I will instead tell you how to throw your own C & C party.
Cupcake variety

The C & C party is successful because everyone likes cupcakes and getting a little toasted. Here are a few pointers to make it the best party possible:

1) First you need to learn how to saber a champagne bottle. This will be the entertainment at your party. I suggest YouTube for all kinds of instructional advice. We use a big kitchen knife instead of a saber.
Warning, my husband sabered a bottle with a plastic cork and it turned out like this:
2) Pick a party date when no one else has plans. Historically, the weekend before Thanksgiving works well.
3) Invite all your friends. Let them know they are required to bring cupcakes. They will be REALLY excited about this.That’s not ice cream. Those are the cupcakes of an over-achieving friend.

4) Buy food that is not sweet. When you see how many cupcakes end up at your party, you will wish you had invested lots of money in cheese and hummus.Kendall’s raspberry cupcakes and deviled eggs pre-party.

5) Make some cupcakes yourself. Buy lots of cheap champagne at Trader Joes. Sparkling wine comments are not tolerated.
6) Have the party at the same time as a major political event. Let’s say you live in Washington, DC next to a prominent hotel. Perhaps this hotel backs up to your apartment parking lot. Perhaps there is a G20 Summit on the financial crisis taking place and Chinese delegates are staying at said hotel when you start sabering champagne bottles in the parking lot. You could go down in history as the friends who threw a party where the SWAT team busted it up. Or not.
7) Eat some cupcakes- you could go so far as to judge a contest. I haven’t tried that yet. It could be fun.
8) Take pictures of your friend’s cupcakes! Especially if your friend is a museum registrar and constructs an elaborate cupcake transport device.The cupcake transport device (that’s the cooling center ring. You can’t see the toothpick support structure). I am not making that up.

I think that’s enough steps. Now that Emily knows how to throw a C & C party she should bring the concept to Japan.

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