Friday, October 9, 2009

Name me!

Oh God, y'all, I've done it again. It's like there's a blogging filter set on the United States of America - or more likely, a BLOG RAY focused on the nation of Japan! I'm having a hard time Taking Tokyo these days, as you can imagine, or admitting that Tokyo took me and sent me packing after just over a year.

So I need your help: what should be the name, and theme of this blog for the next year? I don't want to change the URL, but I need a new title. Suggestions in the comments, please!


Anonymous said...

Emily Energizes Everywhere

I'm going to be in Seattle in a couple of weeks for a Steampunk convention (the weekend of the 24th and a couple days after). Will you be around, or off gallivanting?


EmilySullins said...

Thanks Kenneth! I would LOVE to see you later this month - no idea what my work situation will be, but we'll make it work. Email me with details!

Bethanyivy said...

Sleepless in Seattle

Whymsical in Washington

Sullins in Seattle

Emily's excellent adventures

I'll keep brainstorming and get back to you.

Kelsey said...

So maybe this is cheesy or boring, what about about
Emily Takes Tokyo Home

Bethanyivy said...

I like Kelsey's. Or Emily Took Tokyo