Thursday, October 15, 2009

The house, and drama


Well, sort of. See, here are some pictures from our new abode. First we have the living room...then the kitchen,
the deck and fenced backyard (for little doggie-to-be-ours),
the family room with wood-burning fireplace,
and last but not least, the unevicted tenants.
Okay, so that last picture isn't from today. It's from here, actually, but the five bites on my ankles and tummy come direct from el nuevo casa de Sullins. Ugh. The good news is that there is a guy over there right now, cleaning and spreading flea treatment, and we SHOULD be bug-free by 8:00 tomorrow morning when the movers show up. Josh and I are getting a couple days' worth of prorated rent back out of the big check we wrote today, and we're hoping for a smooth transition tomorrow.

Still, between the thousands of dollars paid, the dirty house, the fleas, and a (great! but inconclusive) job interview today, I'm beat. Tomorrow plans to be another doozy, and we're gearing up with wine and our buddies tonight. Man, the hits just keep on coming.


Nadine said...

look at that house!! amazing! Huge kitchen, a backyard, a fireplace, wow so exciting!
good luck with the bugs, can't wait to see pictures of the house with your stuff in it. take care xox

Kelsey said...

OOHHHH I'm so jealous!!! It looks awesome, now just go ahead and issue my invite so I can come visit!!

clembo said...

Can't wait to see it all done! Good luck with the move. Hope all the bugs are gone...


cricketspaw said...

Hi Emily! What a gorgeous house, Wow!! I love the yard, the fireplace...I hope you get rid of those nasty fleas, yikes!