Saturday, January 3, 2009

Don't. Move.

This is the stationary aisle.That's right, it's time for more Engrish! This one is just a typo, I realize, but frankly I expect more from English speakers - this was taken at the NEX, on base.

This post, by the way, is for Grammy Atwood - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! to one of the first people I learned grammar from. I hope you have a fun time. (She is so irritated at me right now!)

As for Engrish, here's one from a mall I visited with Nadine - we did not attempt to eat at this restaurant, let me assure you.I'm not sure how upset I should be about the misappropriation of black American language in this poster - I mean really, it's pretty absurd. You must click the picture to enlarge it and read the text - it's unreal.

Then there's this oldie but goodie from Nadine. It would be in rust with natural salt. Happy New Year, everyone!


Bethanyivy said...

Is that for real? How funny! What is with the "y'all" at the end? Doesn't quite fit. Engrish - another thing I will miss about Japan.

Kendall said...

Whatever. I am totally saying sizzle to the fizzle from now on.