Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The food!

Seriously, it's all about the food, right? Here are some of the highlights I've had since arriving for my visit to South Carolina:

*Mom's famous macaroni and cheese on a bed of collard greens (ALL RIGHTS RESERVED)
*Mom's also famous key lime cheesecake
*Chicken paprika
*Whole wheat Greek pizza a la Emily
*Roasted Brussels sprouts with sesame-shoyo soba
*Spicy chicken lunch at P.F. Chang's
*About a million delicious salads with fruits and nuts and cheeses!

I am indulging and indulged, and recuperating from a rough month prior. What a treat.

1 comment:

Melanie said...

Hey Em,
Wish I was there chowing down with you, sounds soooooo good! Miss you. How much longer are you there? Call me sometime this weekend, just wanted to chat, but can't find your parents' number, should have saved it in my phone, but it's gone! Love you, eat extra for me.